Some effective ways to keep CPAP machines clean

CPAP machine is one of the best machines for treating sleep apnea. And can cause breathing problems. The CPAP machine can continuously deliver oxygen to your body to help you while you sleep. This keeps the airway open and makes you feel comfortable breathing every time you go to sleep. But keeping it clean is always important.

Studies have shown that nearly 70% of bacteria enter the human body through the nasal cavity or oral cavity. Since CPAP is mainly a procedure performed through the nasal cavity or oral cavity, it is sterilized to prevent bacteria from contaminating the human body. The sterilization process can eliminate more than 99% of bacteria, such as bacteria, viruses, viruses and molds, without re-dating the water that may become a breeding ground for bacteria. Every time you use it, sweat and dead skin cells accumulate in CPAP. Therefore, you need to use CPAP cleaning and disinfectant to make the CPAP machine not affected by the above. The influence of all major factors. When cleaning CPAP equipment on a regular basis, it is necessary to ensure that the CPAP equipment remains safe and operating normally, and replacement of extended equipment is also required.

The air flow generated by the motor of the CPAP machine continuously passes through the air filter conveying pipe in a stable manner. The tube transfers the purified air to the mask so that people can breathe easily. , Thereby opening your airway. With the help of this machine, your lungs will naturally absorb a lot of oxygen. Oxygen flows easily, and breathing does not pause during sleep. Therefore, you can fall asleep peacefully.

Just as your body needs water to clean it, keeping CPAP machines clean must also maintain good hygiene habits. When cleaning, you can use some professional tools to keep the CPAP machine clean and dust-free. This is the most effective measure:

To prevent bacteria from growing on test tubes and masks, CPAP bacteria filters can be used. Clean the CPAP machine. These devices can kill the patient's entire respiratory tract before killing it, thereby protecting the patient from harmful bacteria. CPAP virus filter is such a tool. It is a medical device used in CPAP. These filters can also capture all allergens present in the air, thereby automatically improving air quality. Therefore, using this tool,

This is because active oxygen or ozone is an effective tool to kill bacteria in medical equipment that cannot use irritating chemicals. Facts have proved that it can kill all kinds of bacteria in the air and water. In the CPAP machine, ozone can kill 99.9% of bacteria without producing any moisture. Therefore, if you use the CPAP machine regularly, please use the ozone sterilization process to properly clean it and protect it from harmful bacteria.